Toast Society was first a small idea with big potential back in 2018 that came to fruition in May of 2019. Owned and operated by Madeline DeVaux, Alissa Veretennikov & Rachael DeVaux. We are currently located in Southwest Las Vegas and are surrounded by an amazing female staff!

Toast Society is the first gourmet toast bar operating in Las Vegas, Nevada. In an ever-growing health-conscious industry, this chic-casual food trend is broadening the scope of healthy eating.  Specializing in various toast recipes, nutritious smoothies, bowls, and coffee selection, Toast Society offers the optimal environment for those in need of simple, feel-good foods.

Toast Society contributes to a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle through freshly prepared food that is aesthetically pleasing. We work alongside our registered dietitian (@rachaelsgoodeats) to customize a nutritious menu of gourmet toasts and premium coffee to our customers. By creating a trendy, inviting, social environment we know Toast Society is not only be the place to go for health-conscious eats but provides an escape from the stress of everyday life.

We couldn't be more proud of our success and the support from each and every customer since we opened our doors. We have big dreams for Toast Society and are so honored to bring you along for the ride!



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